Updating WordPress Website with Gravity Forms & Solving WordPress Email issues

One of the things I love is updating a WordPress website to function better from another designers work – it allows me to make dramatic improvements that the client can see immediately. In this case, Stratton Refunds wanted to improve their website layout, add functionality to a form and upload a database.

With Gravity forms, I was able to create a fully dynamic form with dynamic emails, based on items the web visitor selected. Gravity form can be a little tricky, so just go to advanced settings for the question, click on “enable Conditional Logic”

Gravity Forms - Conditional Logic

However, when we went to launch the new site, the confirmation emails would not send. Not to worry, we have seen this problem before, we added STMP email plugin to the website, connected it to our client’s email account and presto. Worked like a charm!

Website Type: WordPress
Form Type: Gravity Forms
Time to Completion: Less than one Week

End Result! One more Happy Customer!